Madisen Abramson was born September 7th, 2004 to Faye and Mike Abramson of Mechanicsville, MD.  Madisen has had quite the life filled with health challenges that would break the spirit of any other person, but not Madisen.  From early on, Madisen has been faced with respiratory difficulties such as RSV.  As a result of RSV, Madisen was treated with various steroid treatments that ballooned her weight far above what it should have been for her age.  At one point, Madisen was over 70 pounds at the age of 3.

In trying to find a cause for the respiratory issues that Madisen has been faced with, she underwent a CAT Scan in the spring of 2008 as part of a sleep study.  This was thought to be a routine procedure until they found something that just didn’t look right.  From there, a M.R.I. was scheduled to get a closer look, at what turned out to be a brain tumor.  In May of 2008, the brain tumor was discovered and confirmed through a biopsy at Children’s Hospital in Washington, DC. 

The news of the diagnosis, an inoperable brain tumor is one that made time stand still for Madisen’s family.  From then, tests and more tests were needed to be done, to know exactly what they were dealing with.  Madisen was constantly being poked and prodded for blood samples, but yet through it all, she never lost her smile or her infectious spirit.

After the tests and biopsies, it was determined that Madisen had a small brain tumor which had become intertwined in her brain stem.  Due to its location, surgery was not going to be an option.  From there, an action plan was crafted and Madisen would begin Chemotherapy treatment.  In order for Madisen to receive Chemo, she would have to have a Chemo port implanted into her chest and then travel more than an hour to Children’s Hospital in Washington, DC once a week for her treatment.

Madisen was receiving light doses of Chemotherapy which would normally result in her becoming ill the following day from the treatment.  It is definitely something that no four year old should have to go through.

After receiving Chemotherapy for a few months, Madisen started to become allergic to the treatment and after having an outward physical reaction to it, Chemotherapy was stopped.

Madisen’s treatment plan has been placed on a monitored status, meaning that she now undergoes full sedation and gets an MRI done annually.  Getting the results leads to an anxious time for the family as they continue to hold out faith that the tumor continues to show no signs of growth.  As of her most recent MRI in August of 2017, the tumor was shown to be stable and has shown no signs of growth.

Life now for Madisen isn’t any different than any other 12 year old girl, other than having to undergo a MRI each year.   Madisen surely hasn’t been slowed down by her tumor as she is excelling in school and enjoys spending time with her friends.  

Madisen has shown to be one of the lucky ones, there are many other kids who haven’t been as fortunate and can’t live a normal life like Madisen or have had their lives cut far too short as a result of having a brain tumor.

Madisen has become an ambassador for Brain Tumor Survivors both young and old.  Madisen has her match everyday as she battles her brain tumor and she is the face of survival and hope, as others have their match for their lives.  “Madisen’s Match” was developed so that others can live better lives and one day we can find a cure for brain tumors.  A tennis racquet is a powerful thing; it may just help to find a cure!

To date Madisen's Match has raised over $950,000 to benefit national and Southwest Florida based pediatric and adult cancer treatment charities.  

                                                                      Madisen with performing artist Lonza Bartlett during the 2016 Gala & Auction.

                                                                      Madisen with performing artist Lonza Bartlett during the 2016 Gala & Auction.